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What is IQ
IQ a simple web-based self-testing tool that allows instructors to created practice quizzes for their students. The students answer the question(s) and submit their responses for immediate evaluation. For an overview see the article Using the Web for Multiple-Choice Practice Exams (In Touch, V3.4 Summer 1997). We would be happy to help you get your first quiz up and running.

Try a few simple fun example quizzes that demonstrate the features.
  • Questions can include text and/or images
  • Multiple choice questions with one or more correct answers.
  • Short text answers (not marked)
  • Two modes: simultaneous (exam) and successive (tutorial)
  • Answer questions in any order (exam mode)
  • Marks only those questions that were answered
  • Hint before question marked (optional)
  • Feedback after question marked (optional)
  • Usage summaries [NEW] (draft) are now available.

Browse through some actual UWO course examples from the '97 IQ pilot.

To prepare a quiz instructors require: workstation (with an editor) connected to the Internet; an account on panther; and special instructional web space on provided by ITS. (IQ is also available via and To take a quiz students require: access to the Internet; a web browser.

Creating an IQ Exam
For instructions on creating a quiz see How do I... Make an IQ Exam. You may wish to download and use either the simple template or the blank template (without comments) as a starting point.

More about IQ
IQ is based on TIE (The Interactive Exam). UWO modifications were done with the permission of the author by Colin Fraser, Michael Clarke and Gerard Stafleu.

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