Mantle - Ocean crust rocks

      Global distribution of ophiolite complexes
     Geological Map of Newfoundland showing the location of the Bay of Islands ophiolite
      Geological map of the Bay of Islands ophiolite

    Western Newfoundland, view of the Table Mountain mantle hartzburgite/dunite from Bonne Bay
    Lower contact of the Table Mountain peridotite, Western Newfoundland. Photo
    View of the ultramafic (lower unit ) and gabbro (upper unit) contact at Table Mountain, Trout Pond,    Western Newfoundland.  Photo
    View of Mount Orford, Quebec, from the West; summit is composed of diabase and pillow lavas; base of the mountain is composed of serpentinite and gabbro. Photo
    Ciorneva in the Italian Alps looking towards France; orange rocks of the foreground are dunites. Photo
     Relatively undepleted mantle lherzolite exhibiting cpx-spinel segregation layering, Trout river, Newfoundland, 1972. Photo
    Mantle lherzolite with folded pyroxenite layers (melts), Hare Bay, Newfoundland, 1972. Photo
    Thin section (AT7215) of a 'fertile' lherzolite from a Cordilleran ophiolite, Atlin, B.C., 1972. Note the large orthopyroxene crystal with lamellae and patches of exsolved clinopyroxene.  Photo
    Dunite (69&R4) with a pod of chromite (10 cm in length), Trout River, Newfoundland, 1969. Photo
    'Restite' veins of dunite in harzburgite, North West Arm, Newfoundland, 1971. Photo
    Contact of ultramafic cumulates with gabbro cumulates (seismic MOHO), Blow-Me-Down, Newfoundland, 1971. Photo
    Wehrlite cumulates exhibiting graded bedding, Nippers Harbour, Newfoundland, 1970. Photo
    Anorthosite-chromitite cumulate layers (LH1972), Lewis Hills, Newfoundland, 1972. Photo
    Anorthosite-dunite-troctolite cumulates, Lewis Hills,, Newfoundland, 1972. Photo
    Troctolite with euhedral cumulate olivine and intercumulus plagioclase, Bracco, Italy, 1971. Photo
    Large intercumulus poikilitic orthopyroxene (shiny area) enveloping cumulate olivine, Bracco, Italy, 1971. Photo
    Branching growth of cumulate clinopyroxene (Herring-bone structure), Bracco, Italy, 1971. Photo
    Layered gabbro, Mont Genevre, France, 1974 (35). Photo
    Interlayered mafic and felsic gabbro cut by a diabase dike, Nippers Harbour, Newfoundland, 1971 (33) Photo
    Sheeted diabase unit, SE of Kitty lake, Nippers Harbour, Newfoundland, 1973 (34). Photo
    Shore line exposures of sheeted diabase, Nippers Harbour, Newfoundland,1969 (1). Photo
    Sheeted diabase, Nippers Harbour, Newfoundland, 1979 (10). Photo
    Sheeted diabase in gabbro, near Disraeli, Quebec, 1978. Photo
    Sheeted diabase with pillow lava screen, near Disraeli, Quebec, 1978 (4). Photo
    Sheeted diabase with pillow lava screen, near Disraeli, Quebec, 1978 (4). Photo
    Dike with irregular contacts (tensile structure) cutting pillow lavas, near Disraeli, Quebec, 1983 (10). Photo
    Classic pillow lava shape, Nippers Harbour, Newfoundland, 1970 (5). Photo
    Inverted pillow lava sequence, Bracco, Italy, 1971 (20). Photo
    Red jasper cherts and silicified turbidites overlying ophiolite at Nippers Harbour, Newfoundland, 1970 (17). Photo
    Thin section (STA7), detrital chromite grains in Arenig foreland flysch derived from the Bay of Islands ophiolite, Blow Me Down Brook, Newfoundland. Photo
    Manganese deposit in Quaternary deposits located on the eastern margin of the Red Sea, Sudan, 1981 (4). Photo

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