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2007 THE CLASS OF '57 - 50th Anniversary

Sat. September 29th 2007



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                                                                                                         The Class of '57 in 2007


          Left to right: Prof. Alex Dreimanis, Prof. Gord Winder, Bill Bell (Calgary), Bob Hutt (London, Ont.), Doug Weber (Collingwood, Ont.),  Gunther Faure (Columbus, Ohio), John Storer (Sudbury, Ont), Bill Cowan (Perth, Australia)









2001 THE CLASS OF '76 - 25th Anniversary

                                                                                                   The Class of '67 in 2001

                                                                                                 Jackie Ainge (the real HoD)

                              Leslie Gyorok, Jackie, and Norm        Jackie flanked by Bob Hodder (lft) and Norm Duke

                       Grant Young (rightmost wierdy-beardy)          Dick Hutchinson (middle)





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                                                                                                 ALUMNI and FACULTY


            1963 On campus  - Frank Anglin (left), UWO geophysics graduate and member of the Seismology Division of the Geological Survey of Canada.

            1963 Sept 21 Rare group photograph showing the Department Faculty at that time of the 'Great Expansion', including Jackie Ainge,

                    Harold and Ruby Reavely, Gordon Suffel, Alex and Anita Dreimanis, Gordon and Jean Winder; and the most recent additions Gant Young,

                    Alan and Shirley Edgar, and myself and Monique, the couple whose marriage was being celebrated. Best men were Frank Anglin of the

                   Geophysics Department, and Sean Ward of the English Department.

            1966 California , Franciscan eclogites - Prof. Grant Young; Bill Church

            1967  Gander Conference  - George Cockburn (2nd from the right kneeling; Bob Stevens (above and to the left of George Cockburn);

                     Marshall Kay (3rd from right); Bill Church (2nd from left first row standing)); also Bill Poole, Brad Hall, Rodney Gayer, Don Bowes,

                     Father Jim Skehan, Jack Bird, John Rogers.

            1968 Mexico  - Prof. Grant Young ( Lower Cretaceous carbonates, south of Cuernavaca);  Eocene continental conglomerates of the Morelos basin)

            1969   Newfoundland  -  Bob Stevens,  flat lying Ordovician carbonates, west coast of the Great Northern Peninusula; coast of Labrador lie in the far
                      distance across the Straits of Belle Isle; year of the discovery of the significance of the Betts Cove sheeted diabase to the interpretation
                      of the western Newfoundland ophiolites as 'oceanic' crust.


                       1969 Grad Students - a hive of activity!

            1969   Graduate students c. 1969  (courtesy of Kam Chaing via Charlie Blackburn);  Name Map ;

            1969? Annual shoot the Profs day  - Garth Platt, Chris Gunn, Fergus Graham, ?, ?

            1969? A friendly game of football  - Bill Church, Hugh Rance, George Pinder, Fergus Graham, Chris Gunn, Jesse Kraft.

                      Grandfather Charlie Blackburn, 2006


            1971   Newfoundland  - Luca Riccio standing below 'Sheeted diabase' at Mine Brook, Blow Me Down, Bay of Islands Newfoundland.

            1971   Newfoundland  - Luca Riccio and Darrel Long looking at rippled Kings Point sandstones, Newfoundland.

                      IGCP 1972 -  International Geological Congress field excursion to the Huronian, 1972, led by Bill Church and Grant Young (squatting,
                                          long hair);
Professor Gilbert Choubert in foreground;  1 billion year old Keweenawan ropy lava, Mamainse Point

            1975   410y 3RD-YEAR FIELD TRIP, QUEBEC  (lifted from the CLASS of '76 site, now defunct; many thanks to the contributors.)

                      THE BUS GETS STUCK  (Disraeli, Eastern Townships of Quebec - not Timmins!)
                      DIGGING THE BUS OUT - ALL THAT LONG HAIR!
                      COMPETITOR # 1
                      COMPETITOR # 2

                      HE WAS KNOWN AS CASTRO!
             1976   APRIL 1ST  - The good old days!! (Notice the Commodore PET, middle left!)

             1977  410y 3rd-year field trip, Quebec,  -  Geology in the snow; More geology in the snow; Geology discussion group; Larry Heaman
                       and Marion Pierce;

                       Neil MacCraeGoofing off after a hard day's work in the snow;

             1978   410y 3RD-YEAR FIELD TRIP, QUEBEC  with Grad students - Tim Latour,  Jose Muhna, and Patrick Hill.

             1983 - 410Y 1983, on top of Mount Orford, Quebec.

             1991 - 410y 3RD-YEAR FIELD TRIP, QUEBEC  -  Mike Collison, Allan Pratt, Peter Stewart, Phil Vickers, Terry Hay and Bob Dufton (a great year!).

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Third-year Undergraduate Field Trips


                                                                          Sudbury 350y 2006

                                                                                            Sudbury 350y 2005

                                                                                            Sudbury 350y 2004         


Sudbury 350y 2003


                                                                                           Sudbury 350Y, 2002

Wet feet Mike???
Rob, that channel ahead of you is 6 feet deep!!
Maybe we should build a bridge this time?

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       To be added as time allows: fieldtrips to the Colorado River region; Cuba; the Southern Appalachians; the Adirondacks; and the old 210y undergraduate 'soccer' field trip.  For itineraries, maps, photographs, and stop locations, download the appropriate Google Earth .kmz file (for the 410y field trips download 'GFT_Ontario_Quebec_Maine.kmz')  from: