Cycling in France and Spain


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Cycling in France and Spain

Internet Travel Sites

Useful things to take with you

Getting to Paris with your bicycle

Safety, politeness, and the rules of the road

Safety and the rules of the road …..continued

Getting out of Paris

Buying a bicycle in France

Transporting your bicycle by train

Tranporting your bike with a bicycle bag (‘housse’).


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At the station




Geological map of Northern Spain: Verges, 1993

Bourg Madame to La Seu d’ Urgell

Already 10 km down the road

Some of the scenery on the way to La Seu d’Urgell Serra de Cadi in the background

The Serra de Cadi from the Parador

PARADOR - the cloisters

Parador - the cloisters

Do I look hungry??

La Seu d’Urgell to Ponts

En route for Ponts

A nice picnic spot near Organya

Ponts to Tarrega by way of Guissona

Looking towards Ponts on the way to Tarrega The mountains vaguely discernable in the background are the ones we came through yesterday

Still climbing

Getting close to the top

Well, that was a nice lunch under the almond tree - but what’s happened to my rear tire?

The second of five punctures - time to lose weight!!

Tarrega to Tarragona

Tarragona to VillaNueva y Gueltru

Villanueva y Gueltru to Barcelona to Bourg Madame

Other interesting itineraries

Author: W. R. Church


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