LECTURE SLIDES - KIN 2241b Biomechanics
Professor Bob Vigars

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SS01: Mon. 07-Jan-13

SS13: Mon. 04-Feb-13

SS21: Mon. 11-Mar-13

SS02: Wed. 09-Jan-13

SS14: Wed. 06-Feb-13

SS22: Wed. 13-Mar-13

SS03: Fri. 11-Jan-13

SS15: Fri. 08-Feb-13

SS23: Fri. 15-Mar-13

 Video only  Mon. Jan 14

SS16: Mon. 11-Feb-13

SS24: Mon. 18-Mar-13

SS04: Wed. 16-Jan-13

Mid-Term Exam Feb 13

SS25: Wed. 20-Mar-13

SS05: Fri. 18-Jan-13

No Class  Fri. Feb 15 

SS26: Fri. 22-Mar-13

SS06: Mon. 21-Jan-13

Video only  Mon. Feb 25

SS27: Mon. 25-Mar-13

SS07: Wed. 23-Jan-13

SS17: Wed. 27-Feb-13

SS28: Wed. 27-Mar-13

SS08: Fri. 25-Jan-13

SS18: Fri.. 01-Mar-13

No Class  Fri. Mar. 29

SS09: Mon. 28-Jan-13

SS19: Mon..04-Mar-13

SS29: Mon. 01-Apr-13

SS10: Wed. 30-Jan-13

SS20: Wed. 06-Mar-13

SS30: Wed. 03-Apr-13

SS11: not on exam

No Class  Fri. Mar 8

SS31: Fri. 05-Apr-13

SS12: Fri. 01-Feb-13

Mon. April 8th  REVIEW