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Jointly taught by members of the Faculty of Law, this introduction to Canadian law covers the basic legal areas of most relevance in modern society.

The course is open to all Western undergraduates (other than law students enrolled in the J.D. program). There are no pre-requisites.


This full-year course consists of three lecture hours per week, in two 90-minute blocks. The classes are Tuesdays and Thursdays, 3:30 P.M. - 5:00 P.M., in Room 40 of the Labatt Health Sciences Building.

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The required text is Law 101: Introduction to Law (10th ed., 2012). Students are expected to attend the classes and prepare for them by reading the assigned pages. The syllabus handed out in class sets out the readings for each class.


The instructor for each topic is set out on the syllabus. The course co-ordinator is Professor Mysty Clapton. There are four Teaching Assistants (TAs): Balsam Attar Bashi , Michele Qu, Jordan Lavi, and Dennis Beker. The TAs are available by e-mail to help with any problem and will be monitoring the class bulletin board (Discussions) on OWL.


The evaluation will be 75% by multiple-choice examinations (one in December, one in April, each counting for 37.5% of the final grade) plus 25% for short (under 5 minutes), weekly on-line quizzes. See under “Evaluations” on OWL for details and quiz schedule. There are no other assignments or essays. The exams are non-cumulative (i.e., the April test will cover only the second-term topics). As required by University rules, students are hereby informed that software will be used to check for unusual coincidences in answer patterns that may indicate cheating.


E-mail is the primary method used to communicate with students outside of class. Be sure to check your e-mail regularly or you may miss important information. E-mail will be sent to your UWO e-mail address. If you wish to forward your mail to some other address, make sure you set your UWO account to do so properly. Also, please ensure that your UWO mailbox (and the one being forwarded to) does not get so full that e-mails are rejected.

If you send an e-mail to an instructor or TA, please include "Law 101" at the start of the subject line.


Law 101 has its own OWL area with sub-areas for each course module, discussion (bulletin board) areas, chat room, a mail facility, a suggestion box, and other resources. The amount and utility of the material posted to OWL for each module will vary with the individual instructors.