SAS Interactive Tutorial

The previous tutorials dealt with how to use SAS in command line entry mode; in other words, entering commands through the SAS command editor. For most analysis, however, it is easier to use the 'point and click' or interactive options provided in SAS Analyst. Using this approach you do not have to remember the procedure names or the appropriate commands. While useful for most straightforward analyses, however, the point and click approach is limited if you need to perform complex data manipulation steps, or to write or invoke certain macros. Still, for most analyses, this is probably the way you should start.

The following pages illustrate how you can get started by doing some simple descriptive statistics with SAS Analyst. Each page contains a screen image and a short description underneath it. Once you have replicated this example for yourself, you will probably find it relatively easy to conduct other analyses that are offered interactively. For more information on SAS Analyst, check the SAS help screens.

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