SAS Tutorials

The following are a series of self-teach tutorials which will introduce you to the command language approach to SAS programming. Each tutorial is designed to take about twenty minutes. To work through the tutorials you need to be on a machine which has SAS Version 8 loaded on it, or has access to SAS through the campus network. The material presented in the tutorials is designed to get you 'up and running.' Consequently, many options are omitted. Check the SAS help files for more a detailed discussion of the procedures outlined in the tutorials.

The last tutorial is an introduction to SAS Analyst which is SAS's version of a 'point and click' approach to statistical analysis.

  • Starting SAS under Windows
  • Tutorial 1: Data Steps Part 1
  • Tutorial 2: Data Steps Part 2
  • Tutorial 3: Data Transformation and Selection
  • Tutorial 4: Displaying the Data
  • Tutorial 5: Some Basic Statistical Procedures
  • SAS Analyst tutorial--interactive SAS
  • SAS Multilevel Interactive

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