The SAS Notebook

Welcome to the SAS notebook. Everything you need to get a simple SAS program up and running is contained in the following pages.

As a first step. You should have a look at the short intro on using SAS for Windows.

Once you have figured out how to load SAS and run the short example program, you might look at the slightly longer SAS TUTORIAL page. A short examples page also outlines some SAS routines that might be helpful at the start of the course. Between the tutorial page, the examples and the instructions in your textbook (see the appendix), you should have little difficulty running basic SAS procedures.

You might want to print a hard copy of the SAS tutorial--just for future reference.

For more examples of SAS programs, check out the SSLC examples site or the SAS technical support pages on their website. Another useful link is a private SAS for the Masses website.

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    Last modified: Oct. 11, 2000