ANTHROPOLOGY 025g:  Introduction to Sociocultural Anthropology  (section 001)
updated 17 Jan 08

General Info, Assignments, & Dates
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Prof John Gehman
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  Grading of your work is required by the University, and there will be a comprehensive final exam. Your course mark will come from:
     Response paper  4 Feb in class  10%    (lateness -5% + 2%/day)
     Mid-term Exam 20 Feb in class  20%
     Essay  2 April in class  35%    ( " )
     Final Exam     TBA  35%

Required Readings:

-- Robbins, Richard & Sherrie Larkin
                2007   Cultural Anthropology: A Problem-Based Approach (1st CDN edition)
-- Schieffelin, Edward L.
                1976   The Sorrow of the Lonely and the Burning of the Dancers

Some required readings are posted on the web; the links are on the outline of readings. There may be a couple of web readings added as we go along, but otherwise we will follow the outline as presented here. I'll let you know if anything's added.

Try not to fall behind in the reading, since you may not have time to catch up. Readings are to be completed before the class meeting in which they're to be discussed. Look ahead: some topics require little reading, while some require significantly more.

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