Chronology of Caribbean Events                                                

                   Caribbean Event Date         Events Elsewhere
1400 Chaucer dead (1340-)
1431 Joan of Arc burned
1440 caravel designed
1450 printing in Europe
1453 Muslims take Constantinople
1487 Diaz sails to Cape of Good Hope
Columbus' first voyage 1492 Jews expelled from Spain
Columbus' second voyage 1493
Treaty of Tordesillas 1494
Santo Domingo settled 1496
Columbus' third voyage 1498 Savonarola dead (1452-)
2,500 people from Spain to Hispaniola 1500
Spanish settle Jamaica 1509
first slaves to Hispaniola (gold mines) 1510
Spanish settle Cuba 1511 Erasmus: In Praise of Folly
Spanish settle Puerto Rico 1512
Balboa crosses Panama to the Pacific 1513 Machiavelli: The Prince
Ponce de Leon attempts to settle Florida 1514
1517 Luther: 95 Theses (Reformation)
Spanish license slave traders 1518 Cortes sails to Mexico
1527 LasCasas: Hist of Indies (to 1560)
first French presence in Caribbean 1530
1543 Copernicus: Revolution of Spheres
LasCasas/Sepulveda debates 1550
LeClerc burns Spanish ports 1553
Hawkins: first English slaving voyage 1562
Drake: illicit Caribbean trade 1568
1604 French settle Acadia (Nova Scotia)
English in St. Lucia (killed by Caribs) 1605 Cervantes: Don Quixote
1607 English settle Virginia (& disappear)
1608 French found Quebec
English fail settlement in Grenada 1609 Kepler: The New Astronomy
Dutch settle Essequibo 1616 Shakespeare dead (1564-)
1618 Thirty Years War begins
1619 first slaves in Virginia
1620 English at Plymouth, Mass.
Dutch West India Company charter 1621 Burton: Anatomy of Melancholy
English settle St. Kitts & Barbados 1624
      Dutch settle Berbice
English fail to settle Tobago 1625
English settle Nevis 1628 Harvey: Circulation of the Blood
English settle Montserrat & Antigua 1632 English settle Maryland
French settle Martinique & Guadeloupe 1635
first sugar cane in Barbados 1637
English again fail to settle St. Lucia 1638 Galileo: Two New Sciences
first cane factory on Guadeloupe 1647
treaty: Dutch get Curacao, Saba, St. Maartin, St. Eustatius 1648
Dutch expelled from Brazil 1654
English take Jamaica 1655
Company of Royal Adventurers chartered 1663
treaty: Dutch get Surinam 1667 Milton: Paradise Lost
population all islands: 18,000 whites
                                   27,000 slaves
1687 Newton: Principia
1690 English found Calcutta
Spain cedes Saint-Domingue to French 1697
population all islands:  18,000 whites
                                    44,000 slaves
1707 Sloane: Voyage... (-1725)
Martiniquan French settle St. Vincent 1719 Defoe: Robinson Crusoe
slave revolt in St. John 1733 Pope: Essay on Man
first Maroon War in Jamaica 1734
War of Jenkins' Ear 1739 Hume: Treatise on Human Nature
first Moravian missionaries in Jamaica 1754 Rousseau: Origins of Inequality
French WI surpasses BWI in sugar exports
      pop of Cuba: 170,000
1774 Long: History of Jamaica
1776 US revolution begins (-81)
English take St. Lucia 1778 ackee introduced in Jamaica
French take St. Vincent & Grenada 1779
French take Guianas, Tobago, Providencia 1781 Kant: Critique of Pure Reason
French taker St. Kitts 1782
first Methodist mission in Jamaica 1789 French revolution begins
Haitian revolution begins 1790
Spanish declare the slave trade open 1791 US Bill of Rights
1793 Edwards: History...West Indies
second Maroon war, Jamaica 1795
Fedon's Rebellion, Grenada; 2nd Black Carib War, St. V.; English take Demerara/Essiquibo (Guyana) 1796 Robert Burns dead (1759-)
Brigands' War, St. Lucia; English seize Trinidad 1797
slave revolt, Surinam 1798 Malthus: Essay on Population
Scottish Missionary Society in Caribbean 1800 Ottawa founded
Essiquibo & Demarara back to Dutch 1801
slave revolt, Dominica 1802
1803 Dallas: Hist, Maroons, Ja.
Haitian Independence 1804 Kant dead (1724-)
English & Danes abolish slave trade 1807 Hegel: Phenomenology
second Maroon war, Dominica 1809
1812 war between US & Eng in Canada
English Baptists in the Caribbean 1814 US Lewis & Clark expedition
slave uprising in Barbados; Dutch abolish sl trade 1816
French abolish slave trade 1818 Mary Shelley: Frankenstein
first steam-driven cane mill in Cuba 1819
Spain abolishes slave trade 1820 Spain suppresses Inquisition
Haiti takes Santo Domingo (-1844) 1822 PB Shelley dead (1792-)
US declares Monroe Doctrine 1823
all British free people equal 1828
all Fr. free people equal; Baptist War in Ja 1831 Nat Turner revolt, Virginia
cholera epidemic in Cuba 1833
apprenticeship begins in British WI (-1938) 1834 McCormack reaper
peak year of slave import to Cuba 1837 rebellion, Lower Canada
full emancipation, British West Indies 1838 rebellion, Upper Canada
slave revolts in Cuba 1843 Maori revolts, New Zealand
end of British sugar preference 1846
Dutch & French abolish slavery 1848 revolutions throughout Europe
failed invasion of Dom Rep by Haiti 1849 Carlyle: "Nigger Question"
heavy Indian immigration to BWI begins 1850
Spain occupies Santo Domingo by invitation 1861 US Civil War begins (-65);
Sewell: Ordeal of Free Labor
Morant Bay uprisings, Jamaica;
       slave import stopped in Cuba
1865 Ku Klux Klan founded, US;
   Carroll: Alice in Wonderland
Crown Colony government, Jamaica 1866 Dostoyevsky: Crime & Punish
1867 Canadian confederation
US senate won't annex Dominican Rep;
       Ten Years War begins, Cuba
1868 Meiji Restoration, Japan;
  first trade union congress
1871 Paris Commune
1885 Europe divides up Africa
Thomas: Froudacity 1889
Cuban War of Independence from Spain (-98) 1895
Spanish-American War; US occupies Cuba;
       Platt Amendment; Puerto Rico ceded to US
1898 Wells: War of the Worlds
Heureaux assassinated, Dominican Republic 1899 Veblen: Theory of Leisure Class
Cuban independence 1902 Conrad: Heart of Darkness
Panama independent of Columbia; US begins Canal; volcanos erupt, Martinique & St. Vincent 1903
armed rebellion in Cuba; 
       US intervenes, Dom Rep & Haiti
1905 Einstein: Special Relativity
US occupies Cuba (-09) 1906
earthquake, Kngston Jamaica 1907 first Cubist exhibit, Paris
US troops in Cuba 1912 ANC founded, South Africa
Panama Canal opened;   US occupies Haiti 1914 WWI starts (-18)
US occupies Dominican Republic (-24) 1916 Joyce: Portrait of the Artist
US occupies Cuba (-23) 1917 revolution in Russia
Garvey organizes Negro convention in NY 1920 Cabinet of Dr. Caligari
1929 Great Depression (-39)
Trujillo dictator in Dominican Republic  1930 Haile Selassie crowned in Ethiopia
revolutionary government in Cuba 1934 Benedict: Patterns of Culture
Barbados & St. Vincent riots; sugar strike St. Kitts; oil workers strike in Trinidad; Trujillo kills 20,000 Haitians in Dom Rep 1935
labour rebellions in Jamaica & Guyana 1938 Husserl dead
1939 WWII begins (-45)
first Batista regime in Cuba (-44) 1940 O'Neill: Long Day's Journey
US military bases in British West Indies 1941 Herskovits: Myth of Negro Past
universal suffrage in Jamaica 1944 Williams: Capitalism and Slavery; World Bank & IMF founded
Fr Antilles made Depts of France 1946 UN founded
Munoz Marin elected in Puerto Rico 1947 Indian/Pakistani Independence
Organization of American States founded 1948 Gandhi assassinated (1869-)
constitutional riots in Puerto Rico 1950 Zobel: Black Shack Alley
second Batista regime in Cuba (-59) 1952 Mau Mau revolt in Kenya
Castro fails at Moncada barracks 1953 Lamming: In the Castle of My Skin; Allfrey: Orchid House
Dutch Antilles integrate with Holland 1954 Mais: Brother Man
Williams forms PNM in Trinidad 1956 Selvon: Lonely Londoners;
Steward: Peoples of Puerto Rico
Duvalier president for life in Haiti 1957 Clarke: Mother Who Fathered Me
West Indies Federation begun (-62) 1958
Cuban Revolution, Castro 1959 Sputnik
1960 Smith, et al: Report...
    on Rastafarianism...
Trujillo assassinated in Dom Rep;
   US invades Cuba at Bay of Pigs; 
   Alliance for Progress begun
1961 VS Naipaul: House for Mr. Biswas
Heller: Catch-22
independence Ja & Trinidad; Cuban missile crisis;
racial violence in Guyana (-64)
1962 Levi-Strauss: Pensee Sauvage
Juan Bosch elected in Dominican Republic 1963 Kennedy shot; Dr. Strangelove
Burnham defeats Jagan in Guyana 1964 Patterson: Children of Sysyphus;
   Beatles: Hard Day's Night
US invades Dominican Republic 1965 Smith: Plural Soc, BWI;
   Malcolm X shot
Barbados & Guyana independent; Davis:
   Problem of Slavery in Western Culture
1966 Red guards demonstrate in China
Brathwaite: Rites of Passage 1967
riot in Curacao 1969 Curtin: Slave Trade, A Census
Black Power revolt in Trinidad; 
       Hodge: Crick, Crack Monkey
1970 400 US universities on strike:
    response toVietnam War
Brathwaite: Creole Society in Jamaica... 1971
Manley elected in Jamaica (-80) 1972 Rodney: How Eur Underdev. Africa
independence for Bahamas 1973 military coup in Chile;
   OPEC embargo
Grenada independent; Ja. vs bauxite cos. 1974 India has H-bomb; Nixon resigns
Suriname independent 1975
Dominica independent; suicides in Guyana 1978
St. Lucia, St. Vincent independence; revolution in
   Grenada; Ja ends IMF talks
1979 revolution in Iran & Nicaragua;
   3 Mile Island
Antigua & Belize independent 1980 actor is US president
US invades Grenada 1983
US invades Panama 1989 Eastern Europe revolts
1991 Gulf War

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