Outline of Topics and Readings
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  I.    "Culture"
@ "Culture": Definitions, Histories, and Discussions  [8
@ Kultur and Culture  [7
@ Berger, Peter & Thomas Luckman
   1966  "Society as a Human Product.", from their: The Social Construction of Reality. [4
@Persky on Rorty on What can be Achieved

  II.    Structuralism
@ Durkheim and Mauss on Primitive Classification. [3
 + Lane, Michael
   1970  "Introduction." In: Introduction to Structuralism (Lane, ed.), pp. 11-39. [29
Levi-Strauss, Claude
   1945  "Structural Analysis in Linguistics and in Anthropology." [
@ Some Quotes: Levi-Strauss and Structuralism  [7

  III.    Symbolic Anthropology
+Wagner, Roy
    1974  "Are There Social Groups in the New Guinea Highlands?" Frontiers of Anthropology (Murray Leaf, ed.), pp. 95-122. [28
    1976   The Sorrow of the Lonely and the Burning of the Dancers. [225
 + Wagner, Roy
    1975  "Culture as Creativity." The Invention of Culture, pp. 17-34. [18
**Ortner, Sherry B.
   1984  Selection from: "Theory in Anthropology since the Sixties." Comparative Studies in Society and History 26#1: 126-144.  [19
+ Geertz, Clifford
  1972  "Deep Play: Notes on the Balinese Cockfight." As reprinted in his: The Interpretation of Cultures, pp. 412-453. [42
**Geertz, Clifford
  1980  "Blurred Genres: The Refiguration of Social Thought." American Scholar 49#2 (Spring): 165-79. [15

  IV.    Performances
**Goffman, Erving
   1959  "The Nature of Deference and Demeanor." American Anthropologist 58: 473-502. [30
+ Turner, Victor
  1964  "Betwixt and Between: The Liminal Period in the Rites of Passage." As reprinted in his: The Forest of Symbols (1967), pp. 93-111. [19
**Ortner, Sherry B.
  1984  Selection from: "Theory in Anthropology since the Sixties." Comparative Studies in Society and History 26#1: 144-166.  [23
**Geurts, Kathryn Linn
   2002  "On Rocks, Walks, and Talks in West Africa: Cultural Categories and an Anthropology of the Senses." Ethos 30#3: 178-198. [21
**Phillips, Ruth B.
    2000    "APEC at the Museum of Anthropology: The Politics of Site and the Poetics of Sight Bite." Ethnos 65 #2: 172-194. [23
    2008   Beyond Bodies: Rainmaking and Sense Making in Tanzania.  [200

  V.  Story and Text
 + Zweig, Paul
  1974  "The Adventure of Storytelling." The Adventurer, pp. 81-96. [16
 **Marcus, George & Dick Cushman
  1982  Selection from: "Ethnographies as Texts." Annual Review of Anthropology #11, pp. 25-46. [22
 **Spencer, Jonathan
  1989  "Anthropology as a Kind of Writing." Man (new series) 24: 145-64. [20
 + Ashcroft, Bill; Gareth Griffiths; & Helen Tiffin
  1998  "Discourse."  Key Concepts in Post-Colonial Studies, pp. 70-73. [4
 + Cruikshank, Julie
  1990  "Life History and Life Stories." Life Lived Like a Story: Life Stories of Three Yukon Native Elders, pp. 1-20. [20
  1998  "Claiming Legitimacy: Prophecy Narratives from Northern Aboriginal Women." The Social Life of Stories: Narrative and Knowledge in the Yukon Territory, pp. 116-137. [22
TSING, Anna L.
  1993  Selection from her: In the Realm of the Diamond Queen, pp. 72- 76. (the whole chapter is appropriate) [5

 VI.    Modernity, Culture, Representations
 + Pratt, Mary Louise
  2002  "Modernity and Periphery: Toward a Global and Relational Analysis." Beyond Dichotomies (Eliz. Mudimbe-Boyi, ed.), pp. 21-47. [27
**Tsing, Anna
   2000   "Inside the Economy of Appearances." Public Culture 12 #1: 115-44. [30
TSING, Anna L.
  1993 "Opening" and Part I of her In the Realm of the Diamond Queen: Marginality in an Out-of-the-Way Place,  pp. 3-120. [120
TSING:  Part II and "Reprise" pp. 121-206 & 285-302. [100