Symbolic Anthropology
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Class:    Tuesday   1:30 - 4:30  UC 204
  John Gehman   
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        To be discussed during the first class meeting. Here's a proposal.
    Participation 15%
    Essay #1 20%       October
    proposal   5%  14 - 21 October
    Bigger Essay 30%   25 November
    Final exam: Take-home 30%   due 9 Dec

Readings are of three kinds: long and short items preceded by an @ or an **, which may be printed off  the net; and books or articles purchased in the bookstore, where you will find these things:
            ---   Collection of printed articles:  bound in alpha order by author
            ---   Schieffelin: The Sorrow of the Lonely and the Burning of the Dancers
            ---   Sanders: Beyond Bodies
            ---   Tsing: In the Realm of the Diamond Queen


  For today, I've provided a set of topics and readings. But with such a small class there's the luxury of negotiating both marking and course content.  I haven't put dates on the readings yet, since the list may be changed through discussion this week and next. Some of what's listed could be dropped and new topics and readings substituted, depending upon your interests.
  I've vaguely defined the central issue in this course as the question of "culture" and culture theory:  what is culture?  How is "a culture" related to "a society" and to the practices of people?  We'll look at the background and realization of some alternative approaches to these questions --views from the past and from the present-- and also look a bit at what socio-cultural anthropologists do as fieldworkers, and as writers. The question of what "symbolic anthropology" means will be dealt with along the way.  It is not a central concern.  The course won't try to propound or defend any single view on the questions it raises.