Biology 3404f
Final Exam
Monday December 15, 2008
7:00-10:00 p.m.
HSB 11

Bring your ID card, pencil and pen
NO calculators or other electronic devices are permitted


Lectures: 10 (Oct 23) to 19 (Dec 2) plus 20 (review, Dec 1)
PLUS: key concepts from Lectures 1-9
Text Chapters: 17-21, plus key concepts from Chapters 11-16
Readings: Key findings of Palmer et al. 2004 (Figure 3), Pryer et al. 2004 (Figure 1), Burleigh & Matthews 2004 (Figure 5), Soltis & Soltis 2004 (Figure 1), and Judd & Olmstead 2004 (Figure 1); all only to the level discussed in class.


Key Terms, Concepts & Questions:

(most of the key terms and concepts from the first half of the course should be kept in memory)

I hope to add some example questions in the next few days, as Part II of the review.