Biology 3466b

Evolutionary Genetics


Instructor: André Lachance

Room 2036 Biology & Geology Building




Biology and Geology Building 0153

Monday 12:30 and Thursday 11:30



Section 003 - Somerville House 1310

Tuesday 13:30


Section 002 - Somerville House 1310

Wednesday 14:30

We shall start lectures in full force on January 5 and practicals on January 10

For further details on the significance of attendance during the first week of term, see the lovely poem by Tom Wayman


The lab reports are due at the end of each lab.

There is an automatic (and final) extension to

the following Monday at 12:30 (in class).
Beware: printer malfunctions and whiteouts on the 401
have a high probability of occurrence on Monday mornings.

Midterm test in class - February 16, 11:30

Final examination - TBA


Course outline - 2017

Policy on cell phones in the classroom


Legal stuff:


Scholastic offenses



Stress - distress
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"Gaps in the Theory exist for which there is no evidence" (Board of Education, Dover, Pennsylvania)

Evolution at ScienceDaily

Nature's Gems

Filling the gaps at UWO



Concepts, questions, problems



textbook for 2016 Halliburton

A classic:
Hartl and Clark

The Origin online





Hardy and Weinberg


Image gallery

Creating a χ2 distribution for the Hardy-Weinberg equation

Animal breeding, selection, heritability

Co-dominance vs
incomplete dominance

Interpretation of microsatellite gels

Microsatellites and HW problems

Survival of the fittest, improbability

Microbial growth

Rare recessive alleles

Binomial drift model

Binomial drift model n = 16
Simulation of a Fisher-Wright
model of drift with
200 demes of size 10

Understanding the calculation of inbreeding (F) from a pedigree


Inbreeding regimes

Kin altruism

Drift in Galapagos lizards

Hardy 1908


Haldane 1924


Lewontin & Hubby 1966


Kimura 1968


Dean et al. 2002


Illinois corn experiment


Linnen et al. 2009 Selection in dear mouse


A balanced polymorphism in yeastt

Rh factor maintained by heterozygote advantage

The rise and fall of kin selection?

A gene for success?

Cepea nemoralis


Allozyme gels


 An SSCP gel


A sequence alignment


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