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The following polyacrylamide gel, reproduced from the Pleurogene website (no longer functional), has microsatellite alleles for two parents (right) and 12 offspring (left).  The third lane from the right has size markers.



1. Calculate the observed heterozygosity (H) in the offspring.


2. How does this compare to the expected heterozygosity, given the genotypes of the parents?


3. Are these offspring in HW equilibrium?


Assume that the two parents belong to a population in HW equilibrium with the following properties:


N 200
p1 0.6
p2 0.2
p3 0.1
p4 0.1


4. What would be the overall expected heterozygosity of the population?


5. Which homozygote would you expect to be the most abundant and what would be its frequency?


6. Assuming the parents used in the gel above were selected randomly from the population, what was the overall probability that they would have that particular pair of genotypes?



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