Logic 101

1. Scientific materialism is circular

Intelligent design version

All that exists is the material world
Immaterial explanations are not scientific
Evidence for design is misinterpreted
There is no evidence for design
Therefore: All that exists is the material world

A more rigorous version

Science only addresses material phenomena
Intelligent design invokes non-material causes
Therefore: Intelligent is not science

Another, more rigorous version

Scientists a priori reject all supernatual claims
Intelligent design is a supernatural claim
Therefore: Scientists a priori reject Intelligent Design

2. Scientific materialism is empirical, not circular
See Boudry et al. 2010  Foundations of Science 15:227-244

Supernatural claims are either devoid of content or testable
When testable, they turn out to be false
Therefore: Scientists normally should not waste time adressing supernatural claims

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