inovaGIS version 1.2 Release 2 © GASA 1996-98

    Pedro Pereira Gonçalves
    The inovaGIS  toolkit is a set of small components that allows the interoperability of geographic
information, geographic functions and spatial models between applications.  It works as an ActiveX server and can be used in any OLE compliant programms like Excel or Word, and development tools like Visual Basic or Delphi.
    The inovaGIS is easily installed in your computer adding to your programs the full potential of Geographic Information Systems.
    The current version is 1.2 RELEASE 2 and is designed for WinNT4 or Windows95 (i.e. 32 bit systems).
    For the moment, it only works with IDRISI raster files.The software is freeware for all uses. You have only
to send a email explaining the use you made of it (only to be used in our own funding reports).
    Changes in version 1.2.
    #1 - Corrected bug in saving X and Y coordinates
    #2 - Flag Definition initiates with "none"

    Changes in version 1.2.
    #1 - the properties:
     property Comment: iStringList;
     property Lineage: iStringList;
     property Completeness: iStringList;
     property Consistency: iStringList;
    changed from iRaster object to iGeoData object.
    #2 - possibility to use the object with ASP's and CGI's
     must have a file called internet.txt on asp root
    #3 - Methods from iGeodata
     function OpenHeader: WordBool;
     procedure SaveHeader;
    become visible.
    #4 - function OpenWindow added to iGeoData Object
    TiGeodata.OpenWindow(x1, y1, x2, y2: Integer; Step:SmallInt): WordBool;
    #5 - function OpenSample added to iGeoData Object
    TiGeodata.OpenSample(Step:SmallInt): WordBool;
    #6 - Bug in OpenHeader corrected: it didn't return to WordBool value
    #7 - Bug in Document.Name corrected: it didn't allowed extensions to file name