Name three kinds of commercially available satellite imagery?

What is a Spectral reflectance curve?

What is the wavelength of the visible part of the electromagnetic spectrum?

What colour is visible TM band 3?

What is the resolution of a TM image?

Name one author of a GIS/Remote Sensing book?

Which TM band is the Near Infrared?

Explain the usefulness of examining the HISTOGRAM of an image?

What is 'contrast ratio'?

What is autoscaling?

If autoscale limits were set to range from 0 to 14, and if the drawing objects in a raster image have values between 100 and 1405, what would be the effect of autoscaling the image?

What is 'density slicing'?

What is image classification?

How does moisture effect the reflectivity of earth materials?


What is the difference between Active and Passive remote sensing systems?

If the same band is sent to all three colour guns of the CRT, what is the nature of the resulting image?

What is a colour composite image?

What is a false colour image?

What is meant by '.TIF'?

What are the 'chlorophyll absorption' and 'total biomass' TM bands?

If an area is composed entirely of granitoid rocks, what might be implied by the presence of bright areas on a TM image showing the ratio of band 5 to band 7 reflectances?

If you were to create a TM image displaying the ratio of reflectance values for band 5 and 4, how might this help distinguish vegetation from quartzites?

What do the acronyms RGB and HIS stand for?

What is the difference between a colour composite RGB and an HIS image.

What is 'decimation'?

What does the acronym SAR mean? Sy Ap Ra.

What is 'Treetop' geology?