English 9002A
Bibliography and Textual Studies
Michael Groden

 Fall 2013

Department of English
University of Western Ontario

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Class: Mondays 4:306:20 Weldon Library, Room 258
UC 383 Office Hours: Mondays 3:30-4:20, Tuesdays 10:3011:20, 3:30-4:20

Texts: Some of the texts listed below are available online. The ones that aren't are available in Leanne Trask's office (UC 180) or, where noted, in the stacks or on reserve in Weldon Library.

Goals and objectives: This course has several goals and objectives:
1) To train graduate students in essential professional skills such as the preparation of funding applications. This part of the course is done in collaboration with the Graduate Workshop and Seminar series. A full listing of autumn events will be posted on the English Department's Website.
2) To train graduate students in basic and advanced research skills. We are led in this part of the course by Christy Sich (Research and Instructional Librarian, Western Libraries, and liaison librarian for English and Writing Studies) and by Elizabeth Mantz (Head, Archives Services and Collections, Western Libraries).
3) To introduce graduate students to major issues in the fields of textual studies and editorial practice, ranging in historical periods from medieval literature to contemporary digital texts.

Assignments: There will be two assignments and one test:
1) A Research/Information Resources Assignment, based on the session on September 16.
This assignment will be distributed on September 16 and is due on September 30.
2) A brief Descriptive Bibliography based on a book in Special Collections, a follow-up assignment to the session on September 23.
This assignment will be distributed on September 30 and is due on October 21.
3) An in-class Test, based on the lectures and readings, to be written during the last session on December 2.
English 9002A is a pass-fail course; a passing mark = 60.

Schedule and readings (subject to change in some details):



Sept. 9

Graduate Funding: Applying for OGS and SSHRC scholarships (Pauline Wakeham)
At this session, led by Prof. Pauline Wakeham, Graduate Development and Placement Coordinator, we will discuss available sources of funding, where to get the forms, how to frame the research proposal, and tips for preparing successful applications. Speakers: Pauline Wakeham, Emily Kring, Riley McDonald.
            FOLLOW-UP: The Graduate Workshop and Seminar series will offer a session providing one-to-one feedback and guidance on individual funding applications. Details to come. Contact Prof. Wakeham in UC 381, at ext. 85815, or by email for an appointment. The full list of Fall 2013 Graduate Workshops and Seminars can soon be downloaded here.

Sept. 16 Introduction to Western Libraries and Graduate Research in English (Christy Sich)
This introductory session, conducted by Christy Sich, Research and Instructional Librarian at Western Libraries and liaison librarian for English and Writing Studies, will acquaint incoming graduate students with Western Libraries, and, more specifically, with resources and services which support teaching and research in English. It will also introduce students to a wide range of subject-specific research tools, including bibliographies, biographical resources, print and electronic indexes, and online research databases.
     Resources covered in this session will assist students with the Research/Information Resources Assignment and will also serve as an introduction to resources which may prove useful in individual academic research.
     This session will take place in SSC (Social Sciences Centre) Room 1032.
     Link to Christy Sich's presentation - her email address: csich@uwo.ca
     Research/Information Resources assignment distributed.

Sept. 23

The Archive (Elizabeth Mantz)
This session, conducted by Elizabeth Mantz (Head, Archives Services and Collections, Western Libraries) will introduce students to Western Libraries' Benson Special Collections and Talman Regional Collection. The collections are located in Western Archives, situated in the Archives and Research Collections Centre. Please gather at the Archives and Research Collections Centre's entrance, on the south side of the Reference Hall on the first floor of Weldon Library, at 4:30, and we will be met and taken into the Centre.
     There are no readings for this session.

Sept. 30

Introduction to Bibliography and Textual Studies (Michael Groden)
[no reading for this class]
     PDF download of PowerPoint presentation
     Research/Information Resources assignment DUE.
     Descriptive Bibliography/Special Collections assignment distributed.

Oct. 7

Textual Editing (Michael Groden)
W. W. Greg, "The Rationale of Copy-Text," Studies in Bibliography 3 (1950-51): 19-36 [Online]
     PDF download of PowerPoint presentation

Oct. 14

Thanksgiving (no class)

Oct. 21

Textual Sociology (Michael Groden)
D. F. McKenzie, Bibliography and the Sociology of Texts, Chapter 1: "The Book as an Expressive Form" (1986; rpt. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1999), pp. 9-30 [UC 180]
     PDF download of PowerPoint presentation
     Descriptive Bibliography/Special Collections assignment DUE.

Oct. 28

Medieval Editing (Richard Moll)
Anne Hudson, "Middle English," in Editing Medieval Texts: English, French, and Latin Written in England, edited by A.G. Rigg (New York: AMS Press, 1977), pp. 34-57 [UC 180]
     PDF download of outline of lecture

Nov. 4

Analytical Bibliography and Editing Shakespeare (Paul Werstine)
Peter W. M. Blayney, The First Folio of Shakespeare (Washington: Folger Shakespeare Library, 1991), pp. 1-16 only + illustration on p. 17 [Online]
     PDF download of outline of lecture

Nov. 11

Modernizing and Regularizing / Editing Ulysses (Michael Groden)
Randall McLeod (writing as Random Clod), "Information On Information," Text 5 (1991): 241-81 [UC 180 + Weldon PN80.T43 (in stacks; non-circulating)]
    PDF download of PowerPoint presentation
Nov. 18

Genetic Criticism / Book History / Copyright 1 (Michael Groden)
Robert Darnton, "What is the History of Books?" (1982), in The Kiss of Lamourette: Reflections in Cultural History (New York: W. W. Norton, 1990), pp. 107-36 [UC 180]
    PDF download of PowerPoint presentation

Nov. 25

Copyright 2 (Samuel Trosow [Faculty of Law and FIMS])
1) Laura J. Murray and Samuel E. Trosow, Canadian Copyright: A Citizen's Guide, 2nd ed. (Toronto: Between the Lines, 2013), Chapter 1: "Copyright's Rationales" (pp. 3-15) and Chapter 5: "Users' Rights" (pp. 71-86) [UC 180]
2) Jonathan Lethem, "The Ecstasy of Influence: A Plagiarism," Harper's Magazine 314 (February 2007): 59-71 [UC 180]
    PDF download of PowerPoint presentation

Dec. 2
In-class Test

Scholastic offences are taken seriously and students are directed to read the appropriate policy,
specifically the definition of what constitutes a Scholastic Offence, at the following Website:
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