English 9096A
James Joyce's Finnegans Wake
Michael Groden

Fall 2013

Department of English
University of Western Ontario

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Classes: Tuesdays 12:30-3:20 PM - UC 377
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This course will primarily involve a concentrated reading of James Joyce's Finnegans Wake.  We will work through the book chapter by chapter, not from front to back, however, but rather in an order based on but modified from the one suggested in Sebastian Knowles' James Joyce Quarterly article "Finnegans Wake for Dummies." We will also be concerned with such issues as Joyce's modernist experiments, the place of Finnegans Wake within literary culture today, and critical approaches and trends to the book. Each student will follow a particular chapter-by-chapter critical guide to the book and will introduce one chapter of the Wake and co-lead a discussion of one short passage. Previous experience with Finnegans Wake, with Ulysses, or with Joyce's earlier writings is not required.



Sept. 10

Introduction: at Finnegans Wake
PDF download of PowerPoint presentation

Sept. 17

I.5 (pp. 104-125) and I.6 (pp. 126-168)
PDF download of PowerPoint presentation

  152.15-155.03 [155.04-159.20]
Sept. 24 I.7 (pp. 169-195) and I.8 (pp. 196-216)   213.11-216.05
Oct. 1 IV (pp. 593-628)
  626.07-628.16 [619.20-626.07] Donnie Calabrese
Riley McDonald
Oct. 8
I.1 (pp. 3-29) and I.2 (pp. 30-47)   21.5-24.15
Geoffrey Morrison
Oct. 15
I.3 (pp. 48-74) and I.4 (pp. 75-103)   57.16-61.27

Oct. 22
II.1 (pp. 219-259) and II.4 (pp. 383-399)
PDF download of Alex Carrillo-Hayley's PowerPoint presentation
Alex Carrillo-Hayley (II.1)
Marc Mazur (II.4)
Oct. 29 II.2 (pp. 260-308)
PDF download of Jeremy Colangelo's PowerPoint presentation
  293.01-297.15 [297.15-302.10] Jeremy Colangelo
Peter Szuban
Nov. 5 II.3 (pp. 309-382)
PDF download of Mike Gyssels and Samantha Pennington's PowerPoint presentation
  342.33-346.13 Mike Gyssels
Samantha Pennington
Nov. 12 III.1 (pp. 403-428) and III.4 (pp. 555-590)
PDF download of Shazia Sadaf's PowerPoint presentation
  414.14-419.10 Shazia Sadaf (III.1)
Jason Sunder (III.4)
Nov. 19

III.2 (pp. 429-473) 

  452.08-457.04 Ishan Dasgupta
Nov. 26
III.3 (pp. 474-554)   494.15-501.06

Dec. 3 Conclusion: Lots of Fun


James Joyce. Finnegans Wake (1939). Oxford World's Classics, 2012 or any printing containing the text on 628 pages.

Texts of Finnegans Wake with line numbers are available on Donald Theall's Finnegans Web site at Trent University and on George Sandulescu's Sandulescu Online.

An elaborate word-by-word set of annotations is available on the FinnegansWiki Website.

A Word version of the text is available here.

Optional Text

Roland McHugh. Annotations to "Finnegans Wake." 3rd ed. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press, 2006.

Useful Chapter-by-Chapter Books

Joseph Campbell & Henry Morton Robinson, A Skeleton Key to Finnegans Wake
Luca Crispi & Sam Slote, ed., How Joyce Wrote Finnegans Wake
Edmund Lloyd Epstein, A Guide Through Finnegans Wake (2009)

John Gordon, Finnegans Wake: A Plot Summary (1986)

Joyce, ed. David Hayman, A First-Draft Version of Finnegans Wake
Danis Rose & John O’Hanlon, Understanding Finnegans Wake
William York Tindall, A Reader's Guide to Finnegans Wake (1969)

Revised Assignments

1) introduce one chapter of Finnegans Wake during one class between October 8 and November 26 (15-20 min.) - 40%
2) final essay (15-20 pages) - due December 17 - 50%
3) participation - 10%


Scholastic offences are taken seriously and students are directed to read the appropriate policy,
specifically the definition of what constitutes a Scholastic Offence, at the following Website:
Academic Handbook, Exam, Course Outlines Page 4 - Issued: 2011-02