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This week we have our FTP/File Structure test, and then it's work time!

You can download a PDF of the course outline here:

LIS 9723 (Winter, 2018) [pdf]





Web Design & Architecture — LIS 9723

Welcome to the class!

Any website is a combination of content, graphic design, interactivity, technology, and usability; this course will discuss – through theory and practice –­ how to combine these components to create well-designed sites. We will focus on usability, navigation and information architecture – elements that are often neglected when it comes to design. Your training in library and information science will be particularly useful in the area of information architecture. We will use tools such as Dreamweaver and Photoshop, HTML5 and CSS, to create basic websites. This specific hands-on work will further illuminate the deeper principles of web design.

Note: this site was created in XHTML. As the term progresses, I plan to upgrade it to HTML5. (And maybe even a responsive design.)



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