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Samples of the Comms Plan, Blueprint, Wireframe and Content Map can be found on our class OWL site.



Website Proposal (20%)

Write a communications plan to address how you will reach your audience for a subject of your choosing.  Design the architectural blueprints for the website, and create a detailed content map – what information needs to be available at what point on the site. Include the file structure with this map. Also, make some design sketches to show what you believe the site will look like.  What design elements will best communicate your ideas? Consider the overall tone, colour, and layout. This is your best chance to get the site right – it should be fully planned before you begin creating it.  Keep form and content in mind.  To get a "B" (assuming everything is correct), hand in:

  1. communications plan (one page, minimum)
  2. architectural blueprint
  3. detailed content map, including file structure
  4. wireframe

To get a higher mark:

  1. other relevant materials such as content, graphic elements, color palette, mock-ups, competition analysis, etc.

Please hand this in on paper too, though if you have images or color swatches you'd like to include, you can put those on your exercises website, and let me know the URL.

 Due date: Feb. 27 (9 am)

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