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Exercise 2: Rewrite

Rewrite and format text for the web

For today's exercise, I'd like you to take the raw text from this page and format it for the web. You can also edit down as much as you'd like.

The easiest way to download the text is to click on the link, and when you're at the new page, go to File...> and Save page as. At the bottom of that dialog box you'll see a little pull-down. Change that to "Web page, html only". (If you're using Safari, you'll also need to at the .htm extension so that you can edit it in Dreamweaver.)

Save the page as crusoe.htm in your 9723 folder, and when you've finished editing it for the web, remember to publish this page, put a link to it from your home page, and re-publish your home page too.

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