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Course Outline


Web Design and Architecture has several objectives, apart from the important goal of helping you acquire the basic skills you will need to produce a good website. You will learn:

  • information architecture
  • communications planning
  • navigation and searching systems
  • usability & accessibility
  • writing and typography for the web
  • how to learn new software
  • principles of ethical, user-centered design
  • basic syntax of HTML5 and CSS
  • understanding of file structure
  • colour theory and Gestalt design principles.


Grades will be based on participation (10%) lab work (5%), a File Structure Test (10%) and assignments (75%). Please note that your final project must be an original work -- you cannot use content from other websites to populate your site. See the assignment section for full details about the final project marking criteria.

Participation (10%) will be based on your contributions during labs and lectures.

Lab work (exercises) (5%) will be based on the number of lab exercises you have completed -- note, tutorials are not graded, only the numbered exercises. Except for the templates exercise, these are pass/fail exercises (if you complete the exercise -- even partially and imperfectly -- you get the points). However, they must be posted at your webpage by the deadline or you will not receive the points. So I urge you to double-check to ensure that you can see the exercise on the web after you've completed and published the exercise.

Due date: March 27 (5 pm)

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