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Tentative Schedule

Week of      Class/Lab    Readings & what's due
Jan. 9  

Introductions. Elements of Web Design & Usability

Lab: site critiques
Jan. 16  

HTML, CSS, CMS and other Nerdy Things

Lab: file structure, basic HTML

Exercise 1: Your home page (1 point)

  Video: How the Web Works [YouTube]
Jan. 23  

Usability (Searching & Navigation Too)

Lab: Critiques, Wordpress & linking

Exercise 2: Linking in HTML


Think, chap. 1-3, 6
IA, chap. 3, 5, 7, 8


Jan. 30  

Conceptual Design

Lab: Site management, css, images

Exercise 3:  Using CSS

  IA, chap. 10, 11, 12

Feb. 6  

Writing for the Web

Lab: Typography

Exercise 4: Rewrite


Think, chap. 5

Web readings: “Reading revolutions: Online digital text and implications for reading in academe.” First Monday

The Reading Brain in the Digital Age: The Science of Paper vs Screens, Scientific American

Portfolio (5 pm)

Feb. 13  

Color Theory & Graphic Types

Lab: Photoshop basics

Exercise 5: compressing images and creating a web page for them


Video: Color Theory


Feb. 20 Reading Week  
Feb. 27  

Perception & Gestalt Principles of Design

Lab: Dreamweaver CSS Positioning

Exercise 6: CSS Layout


Web readings: Gestalt Principles: How Your Designs Are Perceived

The difference between IDs and Classes

Proposal due (9 am)

Mar. 6   Search Engines, Metadata and the Ethics of Both

Lab: Multiple CSS Linking Styles & CSS3 (if time allows)

Exercise 7: Toaster Industries


Think, chapt. 11

Web reading: How Search Works

Mar. 13  

Accessibility & Standards

Lab: Dreamweaver Templates

Exercise 8: Templates & Mini-Site (1 point)


Think, chapt. 12

Web reading: Introduction to web accessibility

Mar. 20


Review of File Structure

Work period (recommended: FTP test dry run)

Mar. 28   FTP Test
Work period

Exercises (5pm)

Bonus Mark - Site

Apr. 3   Work period    
Apr. 10   Work period   Site Due (5 pm)

* = to get ahead on the reading


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