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Geography 201

Introduction to Spatial Analysis


Instructor: M.B. Green
office: SSC 2415, phone: 661-2111 x 85025
office hours: M 10-11 am, W 10-11 am, T 1-2

Teaching Assistants:  Gabor Zsigovics, SSC 2304,, Lab section 2, office hours: W 1-3 /John Linday, SSC 1410,, Lab section 1, office hours: W 10-12.


To introduce the nature of geographical data and the application of statistical techniques and computing systems to spatial analysis; models of spatial data, probability, distributions, hypothesis testing and correlations. What that means is that I want you to become comfortable with statistical concepts. This may require considerable efforts on both our parts, but it will be worth it.

General information

The course is quantitative. Computations will be performed manually, using calculators, and with computers. SPSS for Windows will be the main computer program used in the course. In addition to the instructor and TA, there is consultation help available in SSCL (consultant in room 1004, and demonstrator in room 1032) on use of microcomputers and SPSS for Windows . However, it is not within the consultant’s job description to help you with the labs themselves. Exercise your common sense when you seek out their advice. Be sure that you use these resources before you complain to your T.A.!!!  A beginners manual for SPSS for Windows can be accessed at  You should how learn how to use SPSS because you will need to know it for Geography 301.

The course material is cumulative- you will need to know last week’s lecture in order to understand this week’s lecture. Because of this you should review lectures and readings weekly - do not expect success if you only study and practice before exams. The course is also problem based, and applied - you must practice problems and do all of the exercises in order to fully understand the material and successfully complete the course.

There are laboratory exercises available to reinforce some of the concepts in the course.  You may turn these into your TA where they will be evaluated.  The labs will be made available on this web site for a limited period of time during which you can print off the assignment.


Instruction is through two one-hour classes per week on Monday and Wednesday from 9:00-10:00 in SSC 3026, and one two hour lab per week, either on Monday 1:00-3:00 in SSC 2322 or Tuesday 5:00-7:00 pm in SSC 2322.

Be sure to read the information from the Dean of Social Science Office


syllabus Lab Manual Schedule Supplemental Info Computer Basics lecture notes Deans Info Exam Results