BROOKE cardwell

, 2013
single channel video, projected onto 'daily events' board

The project is a commentary of consumerism in North American culture with specific references to the university (education as commodity) and national identity as a commodity. I filmed myself literally eating a few objects that represented these realms for me to give a blatant commentary while also pushing the limits of the human body.

Link to video HERE

, 2013
single channel video loop

I sent out a Facebook alert to my peers to video tape themselves with their phone while participating in any act during their day on Wednesday, November 6th. I had videos sent to my phone throughout the 24 hour period, and whenever I would receive one I would then film with my phone what I was doing at that exact same moment. I split-screened the videos that were sent to me with my own moments to create the piece, Wednesday.

Link to video HERE

Teenagers Like To Dance, 2013
video installation

Found footage video of different movie and music video clips that use prom as their theme. I wanted to critique the depiction of prom and high school in North American media while also bringing about nostalgia in the viewer. School dances are forced social events that have most likely affected people in some way. Using repetition and taking parts of the clips out of order I attempted to break down the 'American Prom' media representation.

Link to video HERE

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