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(Simon Says,) Namaste // October 2013

Although modeled by women sports attire companies are usually headed by men who ultimately make the final decisions as to how women should speak, act, and even feel during their most personal moments. The encouragement of self betterment is essentially a secondary to the financial gain of these corporations, even if at the expense of oppressing and objectifying half of the world's population. Outshone by million dollar marketing campaigns female identifying individuals are losing grip of what was once known as womanhood. This work emulates the oppression women face with something as personal as health and safety.

single channel video / 3 min / colour / sound




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Digital Yeabook: A Year in Decay // November 2013

Expansive in theory
but bound by no physical form
time is the essence
of what we think we are

Our conceptualization of time passing in nature's context and human context are inherently very different, as one is cyclical and the other is linear. Juxtaposed to one another we begin to compare our understanding of how we perceive time as human entities. This work offers an objective approach to the notion of time wasted as well as nature in decay.

single channel video / 3.5 min / colour / silent






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Ignorance Is Blue // December 2013

The theory in which colour can affect the emotions of a participant is long accessed across the social sciences. In advertizing this method of mental manipulation is not intended to be complicated or deceiving, it instead relies on the consumer of the advertizment to accept the emotional reference and utilize it to assist in the reading of the product. In an age obsessed with social media we are constantly cast under a blue light which is used to help the user feel calm and at home. Contrarily, until the technological boom of the 2000s blue was used almost exclusively to emulate corporatism and security. The thought of these two cultures merging is frightening. It is again the consumer's job to contextualize these findings and produce an understanding of the workings of colour psychology in social media for themselves.

installation documented in single channel video / 5.5 min / colour / sound

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