HEATHER Maccrone

Projected Eyes, 2013
installation, loop

The video focuses on the seperation between the public and the private realm. The breakdown of the face represents societies disapproval of having a private moment shown in a public area.

, 2013
Single channel video

This video signifies the realization of time and how it affects our lives. Life is so dictated by time that it has become inherent in our bodies. We know when to eat, sleep, go to school or work and when to meet a friend. Life is regimented, moving from one time slot to the next. It is a constant in life that drives each day forward as well as transitions from one day to the next. This cycle was the main componant behind my video.

Fireplace, 2013
Video loop

Fireplace began as a study of light which progressed into an abstract expression of a fireplace. When thinking about light, I decided I wanted to work with fire as it is a naturally occurring source of light. I also thought about fire as a connotation for memory. Fires have played its part in a long standing tradition of oral stories and the passing down of knowledge through generation to generation. My emphasis was on all of the features of a fire, the lighting, the steady flame, and the embers.

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