RANDI aiken

Light Cycles, 2013, single channel video, colour, silent

Using artificial light sources – indoor lighting, a professional light kit, digital stills and video – I experiment with the idea of controlling light. I attempt to emulate the natural light cycles of the day and night, paying careful attention to the gradually changing gradients and rotations produced by shifting celestial bodies. The result blurs the line between the natural and artificial worlds.

Timeless, 2013, single channel video, colour, silent

In this piece, I explore the idea of non-linear time by animating stills of different people from different periods and locations all undertaking the same activity - walking. When stitched together, the sequence seems to defy any sense of time and space while still alluding to an occurrence.

Gesture, 2013, video loop, installation, colour, silent

Here, I document a forward and reversed journey around a playground using two cameras attached to a blindfold rig. Ideas such as uncertainty and the unfamiliar, memory and learning, and visual and non-visual sensation are explored. It is presented inside a box with two peepholes which becomes transformed into a kind of activated mental space.

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