sam richardson    

  Selfie, 2013, video, 2:21

Selfie is motivated primarily by what occurs when the male gaze is reverted back onto its subject by its subject. The projection of the self onto an idealized image results apparently in the annihilation of one's true self, or, if not total annihilation, generates an increasing daily tension between these selves in the very least. Such persistent tension forces the self to consistently appraise and re-appraise its cargo in the attempt to recall what is authentic or inaccurate.

Ghost Trapped in an Envelope, 2013, video, 4:00

Ghost Trapped in an Envelope strives to capture the illusive nature of memory and the influence with which time and/or other low lying sources affect memory. A fictional mystery narrative endeavours to access those partially obscured or distorted components of memory tainted or repressed over the course of time. Degraded and abstract imagery accompanying this individual's recollection presents the opportunity to alter reality in the attempt to recover what may be irrecoverable entirely.




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Fertile Fantasy, 2013, video, 4:05

Fertile Fantasy works to expose the anxieties and tension surrounding specific cultural expectations of motherhood and child-bearing. In juxtaposing the culturally idealized female state that is pregnancy with pornographic video the work attempts to unearth the fantastical nature to both institutions and gesture to their patriarchal foundation. Among a society which valorizes motherhood as that which offers exclusive happiness and fulfillment, the reality to its nature is complicated and obscured in order to serve the culture by which its maintained.









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