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This video loop is about relentless effort. It is also about the tension between voluntary self-improvement effort and effort imposed or influenced by other people besides the self. Our determination to be suitable sexual mates for others, as fit, clean, and attractive individuals is a labour that can be eternal and unsatisfying. The overwhelming bombardment of heterosexual roles and expectations is the struggle depicted in the video. The body as a machine, hence the name; “Grease”. A machine works to produce numerous perfection and is anticipated to perform in a certain way every time it is used. The frequency of its use is also always at the discretion or desire of another.




This video depicts a cleanse. It is a sequel to the events in “Grease”. The face is overwhelmed with buckets of water for nearly six minutes straight. The subject seems at first to be a victim, but they are here willingly, carrying on themes of self-inflicted struggles from “Grease”. Time and habitual acts are themes also presented. Time is always looming, in one’s face, constantly pushing and pressing down, always drowning. The feeling of the need to cleanse is constant to the human condition. Accepting oneself is often an individual journey and struggle in itself.






This video is an end to the trilogy. The subject has worked for artificial expectations, attempted to cleanse themselves, and is now striving to return to a natural state. They are still blinded by their own self and the journey is unresolved.

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