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Transposed, 2013, 3 channel installation, black and white, audio, 4 minutes

Gesture explores the body, breaking down the Male Gaze over three video channels. The subject's voice drowns out the space, directing the cameraman. She allows herself to be filmed yet has complete control of production. One of the three channels has direct eye contact from the subject. She confronts not only the camera but
also the viewers. The voyeuristic aspect from the first channel is destroyed as the audience moves around the space.


Transposed - YouTube





Reduction, 2013, video installation, projection into water, colour, 4 minutes

This piece addresses the abstraction of memory. Floating objects - a ViewMaster reel, a CD, a book, and a doll - are filmed in a tank of water. The water separates a wall and a projector, representing the filters we utilize when recalling memories. The physical objects are later removed from the space, yet their seemingly holographic forms remain projected into the water.


Reduction - YouTube


Light, 2013, video projection, 3 minutes, audio

This piece experiments with the minimalization of lights, intending to create an engaging experience for the viewers. Movement is limited, and much of the visual information is abstracted, yet there is something mesmerizing about the small lights in a dark, narrow space.


Light - YouTube


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