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Introduction to Western Grammarã and Western Grammar On-lineã

The descriptive term Western Grammar Onlineã applies to a full program currently (summer 1999) being mounted within UWO's WebCT framework. Apart from the first two quizzes which offer ten questions, the web version you find here, Western Grammar On-line, offers the full text of the lessons, but only two sample quiz questions, instead of ten in each category, and it provides none of the module tests, nor can it provide, unlike the WebCT version, a permanent and official record nor offer a report of your status or accomplishment as you work with or complete the individual unit quizzes and module tests. For further information about signing up for the WebCT version, consult the Western Grammar Online overview and contact information .

 (This "Welcome" appears in the WebCT version; some program terms, instructions and features apply to the WebCT version only)

Welcome to Western Grammar, a complete software system intended to teach you the main features of grammar for Standard Written English. Western Grammar is easy to use. If you are not sure what to do next, simply refer to the Contents menu.

Western Grammar is divided into modules. Each module contains one or more lessons on a particular area of English grammar (sentence structure, verbs, etc.). The lessons are followed by quizzes. You should first study the material presented in the lesson and then try the quiz. In this WebCT version, each quiz contains ten questions, and you have two tries to answer them. If you get the answer on the first try, you get two points; if you get the answer on the second, you get 1. You need to score 80% (16 out of 20) on a quiz in order to pass.

You have up to 5 opportunities to take a quiz. If you are unable to pass after 5 chances, you must go to an instructor for the course to get extra help. You will then be allowed to take the quiz again.

After you have passed all the quizzes for a module, you can take the module test. Like the quizzes, each test contains 10 questions. You can change your answer as many times as you like before submitting your completed test for a mark. You do not, however, get feedback on your answers, as you do in the quizzes. Each test question is worth 2 points. To pass, you must get 80% (16 out of 20). You get 5 chances to pass a quiz. If you do not pass on the fifth attempt, you must see the instructor of the course to get extra help before you will be allowed to continue. On the menus, a double chevron (>>) is placed beside the names of all the lessons and modules which you have passed.

To complete Western Grammar, you must pass all of the module tests. The scores are recorded for the Western Grammar WebCT Administrator.

You can do the modules and the lessons in the modules in any order that you like. In fact, we strongly suggest that you take advantage of the hypertext links in the Contents menu to jump to other lessons whenever you need more information about a key term or concept. In the WebCT version, the Glossary link provides information on many key terms and concepts. In Western Grammar Online, highlighted hypertext links allow you to gain access to key terms or concepts about which you want more information.


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