Index to the October 2004 issue of the American Journal of Botany

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We will be using many or most of these papers during the semester. They are available to you online here, or online or in hard copy through the UWO library. If the links below to Abstracts and Full Text do not work, log in through the the UWO library site then go to the Catalogue, search for "American Journal of Botany" as "Journal Title" then click on "American journal of botany -- HighWire Press" and go to the pages for Volume 91, Issue 10, October 2004. Below, I have provided the pdf files of the key articles as a convenience for you.

To start, read the two papers by Keeling and Palmer et al. The others go into greater detail on specific groups of plants. For more evolutionary analyses of plants, see the Tree of Life website and the Angiosperm Phylogeny Group website. Your First Assignment is to find and briefly review/summarize a paper that updates either Keeling (2004) or Palmer et al. (2004).

Jeffrey D. Palmer, Douglas E. Soltis, and Mark W. Chase
The plant tree of life: an overview and some points of view
Am. J. Bot. 2004 91: 1437-1445. [Abstract] [Full Text]   [pdf file] [Fig 1] [Fig 2]

François Lutzoni, Frank Kauff, Cymon J. Cox, David McLaughlin, Gail Celio, Bryn Dentinger, Mahajabeen Padamsee, David Hibbett, Timothy Y. James, Elisabeth Baloch, Martin Grube, Valérie Reeb, Valérie Hofstetter, Conrad Schoch, A. Elizabeth Arnold, Jolanta Miadlikowska, Joseph Spatafora, Desiree Johnson, Sarah Hambleton, Michael Crockett, Robert Shoemaker, Gi-Ho Sung, Robert Lücking, Thorsten Lumbsch, Kerry O'Donnell, Manfred Binder, Paul Diederich, Damien Ertz, Cécile Gueidan, Karen Hansen, Richard C. Harris, Kentaro Hosaka, Young-Woon Lim, Brandon Matheny, Hiromi Nishida, Don Pfister, Jack Rogers, Amy Rossman, Imke Schmitt, Harrie Sipman, Jeffrey Stone, Junta Sugiyama, Rebecca Yahr, and Rytas Vilgalys
Assembling the fungal tree of life: progress, classification, and evolution of subcellular traits
Am. J. Bot. 2004 91: 1446-1480. [Abstract] [Full Text] [pdf file] [Supplementary Data][Erratum]  

Patrick J. Keeling
Diversity and evolutionary history of plastids and their hosts
Am. J. Bot. 2004 91: 1481-1493. [Abstract] [Full Text]   [pdf file] [Fig 1] [Fig 3]

Gary W. Saunders and Max H. Hommersand
Assessing red algal supraordinal diversity and taxonomy in the context of contemporary systematic data
Am. J. Bot. 2004 91: 1494-1507. [Abstract] [Full Text]  

Robert A. Andersen
Biology and systematics of heterokont and haptophyte algae
Am. J. Bot. 2004 91: 1508-1522. [Abstract] [Full Text]   [pdf file]

Jeremiah D. Hackett, Donald M. Anderson, Deana L. Erdner, and Debashish Bhattacharya
Dinoflagellates: a remarkable evolutionary experiment
Am. J. Bot. 2004 91: 1523-1534. [Abstract] [Full Text]  

Louise A. Lewis and Richard M. McCourt
Green algae and the origin of land plants
Am. J. Bot. 2004 91: 1535-1556. [Abstract] [Full Text] [pdf file] [Supplementary Data]  

Jonathan Shaw and Karen Renzaglia
Phylogeny and diversification of bryophytes
Am. J. Bot. 2004 91: 1557-1581. [Abstract] [Full Text]   [pdf file]

Kathleen M. Pryer, Eric Schuettpelz, Paul G. Wolf, Harald Schneider, Alan R. Smith, and Raymond Cranfill
Phylogeny and evolution of ferns (monilophytes) with a focus on the early leptosporangiate divergences
Am. J. Bot. 2004 91: 1582-1598. [Abstract] [Full Text] [pdf file] [Supplementary Data]  

J. Gordon Burleigh and Sarah Mathews
Phylogenetic signal in nucleotide data from seed plants: implications for resolving the seed plant tree of life
Am. J. Bot. 2004 91: 1599-1613. [Abstract] [Full Text]   [pdf file]

Pamela S. Soltis and Douglas E. Soltis
The origin and diversification of angiosperms
Am. J. Bot. 2004 91: 1614-1626. [Abstract] [Full Text]   [pdf file]

Walter S. Judd and Richard G. Olmstead
A survey of tricolpate (eudicot) phylogenetic relationships
Am. J. Bot. 2004 91: 1627-1644. [Abstract] [Full Text]   [pdf file]

Mark W. Chase
Monocot relationships: an overview
Am. J. Bot. 2004 91: 1645-1655. [Abstract] [Full Text]   [pdf file]

Michael J. Sanderson, Jeffrey L. Thorne, Niklas Wikström, and Kåre Bremer
Molecular evidence on plant divergence times
Am. J. Bot. 2004 91: 1656-1665. [Abstract] [Full Text]  

William L. Crepet, Kevin C. Nixon, and Maria A. Gandolfo
Fossil evidence and phylogeny: the age of major angiosperm clades based on mesofossil and macrofossil evidence from Cretaceous deposits
Am. J. Bot. 2004 91: 1666-1682. [Abstract] [Full Text]  

Peter R. Crane, Patrick Herendeen, and Else Marie Friis
Fossils and plant phylogeny
Am. J. Bot. 2004 91: 1683-1699. [Abstract] [Full Text]  

C. Randal Linder and Loren H. Rieseberg
Reconstructing patterns of reticulate evolution in plants
Am. J. Bot. 2004 91: 1700-1708. [Abstract] [Full Text]  

Elizabeth A. Kellogg and Jeffrey L. Bennetzen
The evolution of nuclear genome structure in seed plants
Am. J. Bot. 2004 91: 1709-1725. [Abstract] [Full Text]  

William E. Friedman, Richard C. Moore, and Michael D. Purugganan
The evolution of plant development
Am. J. Bot. 2004 91: 1726-1741. [Abstract] [Full Text]