Audio Ghost


Heather MacCrone

Audio Ghost is an idea that exists within both realms of audio art and installation. I titled this project Audio Ghost due to the LED lights which are synced to the audio and completely powered by two speakers, a DVD player and an amp, connected by wire. I am trying to give off the illusion of other worldy, as that is precisely what the capabilities of technology feel like to me. I recorded the sounds of electrical currents (a guitar amp, a phone vibrating, a guitar, a camera flash, breaking light bulbs), delegating certain sounds to either the left or right speaker which allows for two different light shows.

The installation is a combination of light bulbs in an orb. This kept with my electrical theme and furthered my idea of technology as it uses the sound of currents to power currents.

  When the lights are on...  


<click to play/pause audio, best listened to via headphones

Or watch the video: Here

Installation Location:VAC Room 111

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VAS2250-002 >>UWO2013