Sonic interventions


Art of Noise: select a project from the list of artists

Trish Norman/sound ball

Kyle Rose/Audio Mirror
Julia Pazara/Light and Sound
Brooke Cardwell/21st Century Down-Time
Jennifer Taylor/John Labatt Visual Arts Building (2013)
Heather MacCrone/Audio Ghost
Randi Aiken/Bath time (W)

Randi Aiken/Bath time (M)
Sabrina Yau/The Live Office
Mitch Kemp/Walking
Taylor Doyle/Rain Sanctuary
Eleanor/Mechanical Atlantica
Jordan Borges/Passage
Darby Starling/Sound Machine

TaylorGraham/The Dark Room




Images from : Blindfold experiment 2013 VAS2250-002

The Art of Noise assignment required students to create a sonic intervention in an everyday, common space in order to take the passerby/participant to another place or to offer a different understanding of the space they are in. (audio files best listened to via headphones)

Inroduction to Contemporary Media
VAS2250-002 >>UWO2013
Link to final projects coming in April 2013