When in a silent room, we notice that our surroundings are never completely silent.  Pure silence seems unnatural and uncomfortable to experience, since individuals are constantly experiencing creaks and squeaks from the structures and nature surrounding us.  
My piece is meant to represent the unknown sounds that one hears in the middle of the night, simulating house creaks, outdoor sounds and possible animal scurrying.  The source is known, but enclosed, allowing the viewer to connect with the sound in a curious fashion.  For this project I have created a sphere and a base, and the sound will come from the base, simulating the idea that something is inside the ball.
The sound itself is a mix of scurrying, scratching, and shuffling, simulating an animal or some kind of creature nesting inside of the ball, or attempting to break out and hatch.

sound ball
16 x 16
mixed media sculpture and sound installation

trish norman



<click to play/pause audio, best listened to via speakers

Installation Location:VAC 3rd floor

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VAS2250-002 >>UWO2013