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Physics 1028

Physics for the Biological and Medical Sciences

Prospective Students > How do I get in?

I want to take this course. How do I get in?

As long as Western accepts you, we welcome you in this course.

First Entry Medical and Biological Sciences.

This is a more recent path into Western. Check it out. It has been developed to identify those who have an interest in the Life Sciences. The large number of students applying through this stream year after year has sent a clear message to the University: “we have told you our preference, now you deliver the courses we came for.” We at Western got this message and offer you a tailored first and upper year options leading toward your objectives: take Biology (choose from Biology 022 or 023), Chemistry (choose from Chemistry 020 and 023), Calculus 050/051 or 081 and, of course, Physics. Make sure that you register in Physics 028a AND Physics 029b, since most programs in the Life Sciences require both halves of it.

First Entry Faculty of Science

You want to keep all options open. We assume that the Life Sciences are among them. The best way to get started is a first year selection that allows you to sample all the interesting directions we have in Science at Western. For example, you can include in your first year a course in Computer Science, Earth Sciences or Astronomy. Still, look at the list of courses that are pre–requisites for the programs you might want to choose in Year 2. Physics is pretty much listed in everyone of those. You can choose Physics 028a and Physics 029b even if you decide to progress in Physics or Astronomy. You will have a strong background to master upper year courses (we know, we have tracked those who have taken this route before).

First Entry Faculty of Health Sciences

Physics is not required at this point for either Kinesiology or the Bachelor of Health Sciences; although we think it should be. However, we have year after year a strong contingent from that Faculty to enroll in Physics 028a and Physics 029b. Why? Two reasons: if you consider to apply to professional schools later, like Medicine or Dentistry, its good to be prepared for the Admission Tests. And you know that Physics features prominently in those. Or you want your degree with a minor in Science. Taking first year physics allows you to take our second year choices, like the Introduction to Medical Physics course, as your science options. Needless to say, upper year Health Sciences courses, such as Biomechanics, are much easier to take with a sufficient Physics background.

But otherwise, don’t worry about which door you choose into Western. Once you are here, we don’t care what’s the affiliation on your name tag, we care about you, we want you to be involved with the exciting things we do at Western.