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The University of Western Ontario

Fourth year medical students

Clinical Neuroanatomy

There are six three-hour sessions. The form of the classes varies, but a typical class begins with a neuroanatomical presentation by J. A. Kiernan, and this is followed by a clinical presentation from a member of the Department of Clinical Neurological Sciences, showing the usefulness of that anatomical knowledge in diagnosing disorders of the nervous system.
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This web page carries a variety of files that students can download for revision or further study.

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The chronological sequence of sessions may not be the same as that shown below. Every year it is neccessary to adjust the dates to accommodate three or more busy clinicians.  The content of this course also varies, and not all the subjects listed below are covered in any one year.

SESSION  and clinical contributor.
RESOURCES.  Click on the links below.
Neuroanatomy in general. A short introduction to the subject (35 pages, including 14 illustrations).
Blood vessels of CNS
(Strokes, aneurysms etc; types of stroke and their management; intracranial aneurysms; subarachnoid haemorrhage.)
Normal and abnormal radiographic and other images of blood vessels of the brain (Dr M. Boulton)
Brain stem, cranial nerves, basal ganglia,cerebellum, etc.
(Brain stem syndromes; uncal herniation; facial palsies; disorders of movement, including cerebellar disease, parkinsonism etc.)
Posterior fossa and cerebellum cases and images (Dr S. Venance, 2009)
Ventricular system, CSF, long pathways.
(Hydrocephalus; intracranial herniations; intra- and extra-axial tumours and other causes of raised intracranial pressure; CNS malformations.)
Hydrocephalus, herniation and brain swelling.
(Dr D. Ramsay, 2011).
Vertebral column, spinal roots, spinal cord, sympathetic system etc.
(Cervical and lumbosacral nerve root compression; effects and recognition of spinal metastases; intraspinal tumours; spinal cord injury; syringomyelia.)

Images (X-ray, CT, NMR) of normal and abnormal spine, and their interpretation.  (Dr A. Leung, 2010)
Special senses, including some neuro-ophthalmology.
(Conditions affecting the vision or visual fields; abnormal eye movements; vertigo; anosmia.)
Cortex, limbic system, hypothalamus etc.
(Aphasia, agnosias etc., memory disorders, behavioural changes from organic brain disease, neuroendocrine disorders, dementias.)
Posterior fossa, cerebellum and brain stem (Dr A. Ranger, 2009)

(Dr D. Ramsay, 2007).

Some of the illustrations in the executable slide show files are closely similar to ones  in Barr's The Human Nervous System, 9th edition, by J.A.Kiernan  © 2009 Lippincott, Williams & Wilkins, Baltimore & Philadelphia.
These files are provided for students' personal use only.  Criticisms and suggestions for improving this web page and its contents are invited.

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