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Extra Time on Assignments

If you need extra time to complete an assignment, please ask me -- either in person or via email -- before the deadline.

It's usually not a problem, if you need a bit of extra time because of scheduling conflicts with other courses.

Changing your website topic

Sometimes folks discover through the process of writing their website proposal that the topic isn't going to work for their final project. If this happens, you can change the subject of your final site, all I'd ask is that you add an extra page to the site describing your communications goals and intended audience.



There are three assignments for the course, which account for 75% of the final grade. The portfolio is a chance to experiment with a CMS. The website proposal is an on-paper exercise designed to hep you think through the structure and communications issues you're addressing for the final project, the creation of your website.

In addition there is the FTP test.

Your website topic

Can be about any subject that engages you -- in fact, if you've got a passion for something, a hobby, personal, business or academic interest, that will help you create the content for your site.


Portfolio (15%)

Use WordPress (or similar) blogging or portfolio software to create a portfolio/resume website for yourself. This can be a professional portfolio or a personal one. The purpose of the assignment is to give you more time to explore a CMS. You can have as many sections as you like for the site, but there requirements include:

  • Navigation (a menu that your audience can use to use the site). The navigation can lead to blank sections for now, but think through how you would like to present your work: do you want to break it down thematically, by category, by anchor media, etc.
  • Content for the home page
  • Links to your social media
  • A resume or CV that is a web page (i.e., not a link to a PDF, but you can have a PDF in addition). Note: you can make this private if you would like.
  • Three work samples (from other classes or previous work is acceptable)

Remember to link to your portfolio from your exercises homepage, an address I’ll know.                                       

Due date: Feb. 6 (5 pm)





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