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 Weeks of:  10 & 17 Sept

  I.   Early Modern Transition:
           Revolution in the View of Nature: Vision & Homogeneity: Empiricism

Crosby on Medieval and Modern European Views of the World [3
McGrane on Hierarchy and Essences Versus Homogeneity  [2
Trigger on the Medieval Paradigm of History [1
Illich on 12th Century Innovations in Writing and Reading  [2
Baudet on Approaches to Paradise  [2
Naipaul on Spaniards, God, and Gold  [1
Todorov on Columbus  [2
    recommended: Malleus Malificarum [2
Berman on Newton, Positivism, and Occultism  [3
    recommended: Hill on the Sense of 17th Century English Radicals [3

24 Sept & 1 Oct

  II.   Early Modern Transition:
             Revolution in the View of Society: Liberalism: Liberty & Social Atomism

Farella on the Empiricist Culture of Permanence [2
Fabian on Anthropology's Commitment to Vision  [2
Hunt on the Feudal Manorial System [2
HOBBES Introduction to Leviathan [2
Hobbes on the State of Nature [2
Williams on the "Individual, "Society", and "Culture" [2
            1690  Chapters 1-6, Paragraphs 1-76  from his: Second Treatise of Government. [30
Neal Wood on Locke on property  [2
Neal Wood on Locke and "agrarian improvement"  [1

8 Oct

  III.   Enlightened Liberalism: Progress, Reason, & the Assault on Ignorance

Trigger on the Enlightenment View of Humanity & Social Evolution [2
Geertz on the Enlightenment Conception of Man  [2
Encyclopedie [3
Diderot on the Primitive and the Civilized [2
Chisick on Education Policy among the Enlightened [2
US Declaration of Independence 1776 [3
French Assembly  1789  Declaration of the Rights of Man and the Citizen [2
ADAM SMITH and the Invention of  "the Economy" [7
Polanyi on Market Economy and Ideology [2
McMurtryon the Mis-Appropriation of Smith by Globalists [2
+Stocking, George
            1968 "French Anthropology in 1800." As reprinted in his: Race, Culture, and Evolution, pp. 13-41. [28

15 & 22 Oct

  IV.    19th Cent. Liberalism: Progress as Evolution

MALTHUS on the Principle of Population (w/ comments from Engels) [2
    recommended: Lamarck on Species, Environment, and Habit [4
SPENCER, Herbert
            1852  Selections from his: "Progress: Its Law and Cause". [4
MAINE on Status and Contract [2
DARWIN on the Origin of Species [2
TYLOR, Edward B.
            1871  Selection from his: Primitive Culture, volume one, pp. 1-22. [11
MORGAN, Lewis Henry
            1877  Selection from his: Ancient Society, pp. 3-18. [8

29 Oct & 5 Nov

  V.   Reaction to the Liberal Enlightenment: Socialism

Williams and Palmer on Early 19th Century Words  [1
            1848  Manifesto of the Communist Party. [20
                                (Read sections I & II; skim III; read IV--it's very short)
Leacock on Morgan, Engels, and Stages of Development [3
Engels: "Preface" to his: Origin of the Family, Private Property and the State. [3

12 Nov
  VI.   Reaction to Liberal Enlightenment: Romantic Nationalism, Ethnology & Superiority

Kultur and Culture  [7
Articulations of Superiority in the 19th Century  [12
Fee on Science and the Woman Problem  [2
Bettson Some 19th Century Notions of Imperialism  [3
"Culture": Definitions, Histories and Discussions

19 Nov

  VII. Boas in the US: Race, Language, & Culture: History & Psychology

BOAS, Franz
            1896 "The Limitations of the Comparative Method of Anthropology." [8
Boas, Franz
            1920 "The Methods of Ethnology." [5
Boas in1937 on His Early Career [2
+Darnell, Regna
           2001  Selection from the "Introduction": "Distinctive Features of the Americanist Tradition," from her: Invisible Geneologies: A History of Americanist Anthropology, pp. 11-20. [10
+ Stocking, George
            1974 "The Basic Assumptions of Boasian Anthropology." As reprinted in his: The Shaping of American Anthropology, 1890-1930: A Franz Boas Reader, pp. 1-20. [20
Boas and some Boasians
BENEDICT on Selection and Integration in Culture [3

26 Nov

  VIII. 20th Century Liberalism: Function, Continuity & Consensus in Society

            1896 "Rules for the Explanation of Social Facts."  Chapter 5 from his: The Rules of the Sociological Method. (S.A. Solovay & J.H. Mueller, trans.). Glencoe: The Free Press. (1938). [15
Durkheim, Emile
            1912 Selection from "Introduction" to his: Elementary Forms of Religious Life, pp. 1-8. (J.W. Swain, trans.). London: George Allen & Unwin. (1915). [5
Durkheim, Emile
            1912 Selection on the Soul from Book 2, Chapter 8 of his: Elementary Forms of Religious Life, pp.  262-72. (J.W. Swain, trans.). London: George Allen & Unwin. (1915). [5
RADCLIFFE-BROWN on Function and Structure [5

 3 Dec
  IX.  Rejection of the Functionalist Consensus:  History

 +Wolf, Eric
            1982  "Introduction," from his Europe and the People without History, Berkeley: California UP. Pp. 3-23.